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I am Joshua Billowry, I am in Salem, Attur. India.
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This dog training video outlines a plan for beginning to counter condition a dog to certain types of people that a dog becomes reactive to. This video can al…
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  3. first of all its not greden , its GREAT DANE

  4. hello sir i like ur training,iam also live in attur.i have greden dog,so plz tech me how to training a dog

  5. Hi im kishore,from vizag…i have two (male and female) great danes,so i want bring with you my two danes,may i have your mobile number please…!!!

  6. Sir ithink my puppy taken from u. But female is dead by snake information is correct means contact in 9840202984

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  8. sir pls give ur contact number…
    am in mettur

  9. superb….

  10. I have a GSP and she is afraid of my guitar.

  11. i would need to put on a horse suit

  12. hi i love your videos :-) how can i calm my puppy down when im preparing his food? he barks and whines a lot, i get that hes excited for breakfast but need to get him to express it differently for my neighbors sake! hes 9 weeks old.

  13. this had nothing to do with barking at strangers…

  14. Marie-Claire Bourget Reply April 20, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    my dog does not like men..

  15. My problem is my dog is too friendly with strangers. She pulls towards them and lowers her head with her tail wagging. To every single one of them on walks. 

  16. Dang you realy have to look weird and act stupid when training a dog….hmm….MAYBY THERE TROLLING US?!?!? o.O

  17. Counter Conditioning is a psychological term, not a dog shampoo. The idea is that you are training your dog to change the way he/she reacts to a stimuli in the environment. Google might help you learn more about it.

  18. Have you worked with a siberian husky?is it true that they’re hard to train and stubborn? I’m gonna get my husky next week and would want to know from an expert…thanks ^^

  19. well, my dog might be highly disappointed if I use water as a reinforcer one day:p

  20. well that’s the classical conditioner, but you could use the operant conditioner, maybe it’s better for the skin?

  21. Each time i take my dog for a walk i have to wish that no one goes out to the street, if he sees someone he will just go crazy, he even got out of the leash once, some how he run back home. Anyway to fix this?

  22. Ok, I give up!
    Your videos look very easy to do,
    but when I’m doin’ it with my dog,
    he does all kind of stuff that your already trained dogs don’t do on your videos!
    And I don’t know what to do!
    So, I’ve decided… To better hire you??!!!

  23. Hi! Thanks for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Xobodog Training (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you tried this dog training program called Xobodog Training? I have heard several amazing things about it.

  24. Kathryn Holmstrom Reply April 20, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    Mine too, I don’t know how to get him to stop. I used to say “UH UH,” but after watching these videos and after personal experience I’ve realized it doesn’t really get the behavior to go away, it just gets him to stop after he’s started, but he still always starts. He doesn’t bark all the time, just at strangers while we’re on a walk, or at noises coming from outside, and especially when someone knocks on the door. What can I do to help him get over his barking?

  25. Thanks this is really good information.

  26. To add to this, as the owner of a highly-wrought, wonderful but reactive dog, praise, a happy voice, petting, any reward that isn’t silent elevates my dog’s excitement. Silently dropping a treat while I quietly say “good” has been the vest form of reinforcement for this dog. I, too, used to be treat aversive, but if your dog responds to them, then why not? Also, THANK YOU again for these wonderful videos! I wish I’d seen them when my boy was a pup.

  27. i got a counter conditioner, i did what you told me in the videos. On the label it says “dont use on human skin, can cause eyes and skin irritation. Do you think i should still use this conditioner

  28. Hello,
    So my family has a golden retriever/ St. Barnard mix. We absolutely love him, but the thing is we live at a summer camp and we always have people coming and going. When he is outside and someone drives down and gets out of their car he runs up and starts barking and barking because he is scared and we can’t get him to stop. As you can imagine it is a very scary bark! We would love to be able to break him of this bad habit. What method would you recommend?

  29. does this mean that you dont have to ever stop using treats when classically conditioning?i wanna classical condiotion my dog to children and petting and i fear it may take a long time.thxs

  30. By using the highest level reinforcement possible- real meat and your dogs favorite reinforcers, you will create faster stronger neuron connections and save time training your dog. THAT is why I use food. Some dogs dont like being pet and it can actually work against you, as well as its proven that our voices are not the primary reinforcers like food is- primary reinforcers are things like food, water… secondary reinforcers can be added after your dog is starting to like the stimuli

  31. Well, what if you did it wrong and used “Operant Conditioning” your dog would be reliant on treats. But what I am using is “Classical Conditioning” which just changes the dogs emotional response, think Pavlovs dog- a dog drools from hearing a bell, a response is created in the dog, the dog cannot help it. The same thing happens when you eat something and then get sick, you don’t feel like eating it again- these are classically conditioned responses, not trained behaviors

  32. My dog doesn’t bark at objects on a person, my dog barks at people. All people that she doesn’t know well. She barks at shadows, she barks at any tiny noise, she barks at other dogs, cats, squirrels, she barks when I leave her outside, she barks when I leave her inside, she barks ALL THE TIME! I don’t know what to do.

  33. darkharmonyjustice Reply April 21, 2013 at 1:52 am

    I am getting a maltese in a week or so. It will be eight weeks old. What should I start with? After I have done the basics which things should I move onto to train my puppy?
    Your videos are awesome and extremely helpful. Thanks in advance. =)

  34. I have a 31/2 yr old labrador . He is very happy as long as i am with him in the house the moment i lock the house n go out even if it is for a short period it starts crying loudly & disturbing the whole neighbourhood how do i stop him from crying.